Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Why is this blog so bare?

So you may be thinking that this blog is pretty empty... and guess what? You are right! It is! The reason is because I am updating my other blog that I've started and really hope that I  can stick up with it. It's about travel and how much it means to me. You can follow it both on Blogger and Wordpress. I am currently debating moving it entirely to Wordpress but I'm still looking into it.  This leads me to the picture I have on the left side. I tend to wander and jump around a lot. so this is the reason for having multiple blogs.
In my blog What Would Magellan Do?  I cover topics that are related to travel, including some videos I have been making, I also talk about fashion and street style in different countries, so visitors know what the latest style is at  the place they are traveling to.

Images Sources: Wander; Map

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