Monday, October 3, 2011

2 of My Favorite Apps For My Computer (Mac)

It's the beginning of October in my senior year and already I have massive stacks of books to read and Tons of blog posts and videos to create.  It's a lot to handle. My friend told me about this one App called "Self Control" which is a great App to get you to focus on homework and not spend time "Stumbling"or constantly refreshing Reddit or Twitter, don't worry we all do it.  This app actually blocks these websites for you, acting as your will power allowing you to finish your homework in however long you set the timer for.   It's a great app and I definitely recommend it.

The second App I recommend is "iProcrastinate" This app makes staying on task almost too easy. This app is your electronic planner, however not only can you set reminders but you an also attach your document you are working on. This can be Word, Excel, Final Cut and iMovie. When you are going to work on it you can just open it right there so there is no excuse for not doing it.

These apps really are helpful and I highly suggest checking them out. One thing to be aware of is that you may procrastinate setting up your classes, and your time frame but once when that is complete, you save a lot of time.  To read more on these apps you can read it here. I wrote this article earlier last month and since I agreed on a writers agreement I can't repost my article on my blog.

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